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The Discovery Program utilizes the Primary Education Thinking Skills (P.E.T.S) series as its main curriculum resource. This curriculum focuses on higher level thinking skills and enrichment for the K-2 Discovery student.


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Meet Dudley the Detective. This character focuses on convergent thinking through deductive logic.  The emphasis is on using clues to arrive at one correct answer. Students also are asked to analyze objects for different attributes.  They must always be on the alert for flawed thinking or making too quick judgments. Key Vocabulary: logic, deduction, convergent, answer, clues, problem, conclusion, reflect, information, detective, solve, correct, think, mystery, attribute, gather, collect



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Meet Sybil the Scientist.This character also focuses on convergent thinking but through scientific analysis. The emphasis is on classifying and organizing collected information.  Students are asked to study the parts of things and to determine the rules for sorting. Analogies are also used to determine relationships between concepts.Key Vocabulary: convergent, combine, scientist, study, analyze, organize, classify, categorize, collect, sort, rule, date, hypothesis, predict, observe, compare, contrast, similarities, differences, analogies, relationships



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Meet Isabel the Inventor.This character focuses on divergent thinking through invention. The emphasis is on seeing new, creative possibilities in ordinary ideas.  Students brainstorm to find many correct responses, use their imagination, and piggyback ideas from those of others.Key Vocabulary:  divergent, imagination, possibilities, create, brainstorm, unique, invent, creative, piggyback, ideas, unusual, fluency, flexibility, elaboration, originality





Image of Yolanda the Yarnspinner Logo

Meet Yolanda the Yarnspinner. This character focuses on divergent and creative thinking through storytelling and wordplay. The emphasis is on using a creative imagination to see many possibilities in ordinary events and developing colorful vocabulary. Students become fluent in their thinking and flexible with their ideas. Key Vocabulary:  branch, vocabulary, divergent, imagination, storytelling, possibilities, stem, branch, create, wordplay



Image of Max the Magician Logo

Meet Max the Magician.This character focuses on visual-spatial thinking. The emphasis is on stimulating each child’s spatial intelligence by analyzing spatial relationships, reconstructing the parts into new wholes and making predictions.  Students are asked to look for patterns and find one solution that works.Key Vocabulary: analysis, synthesis, visual-spatial intelligence, perception, shapes, patterns, manipulate, solution, magician, stimulate, mental, tangrams, puzzles, codes



Image of Jordan the Judge Logo


Meet Jordan the Judge.This character focuses on evaluative thinking and using facts, rather than opinions.  The emphasis is on arriving at the best answer from amongst many choices. Students asked to use consideration and criteria to find the best answer for a problem or dilemma.Key Vocabulary: judge, considerations, criteria, evaluate, decisions, facts, opinions, choices, value, prioritize



The information from this page was taken from Primary Education Thinking Skills Curriculum by Jody Nichols, et al.

Published by Aritia Smalls on October 17, 2019

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